Topic 3 In-person classroom training session

Face-to-face training requires the availability of a physical place to host participants.

The choice of venue and seating arrangement depends not only on the number of people the trainer wants to involve in the event, but also on the type of activity he/she wants to carry out and the degree of interaction he/she wants to ensure.

Learning space shapes learning and teaching behaviour

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We can consider three main types of classroom arrangement:

In this layout all desks and chairs face the trainer and the presentation board. It is the most common arrangement used in schools and universities.



Participants focus on the presentation

Participants’ collaboration is difficult as they are facing each other back

It is the best option for attending lectures and watching slides presentations. This type of accommodation is suitable for large groups.

In this layout the desks and chairs are set in a U-shape, so that participants can see each other and the trainer presentation.



It enhances group discussion and interaction

It requires more space

This type of accommodation is not suitable for large groups because it requires a lot of space and if there are many people, they will be seated at a great distance from each other.


All participants are seated facing each other and the trainer does not occupy a particular space within the circle.



Functional for group work and discussion

Does not allow the display of whiteboard or slides

This type of arrangement also requires the presence of a small audience. It is the mode that allows group activities to take place following the teacher’s lecture.


To use the toolkit, you need a projector and a screen, and it is recommended to have a wifi connection in the classroom to access the Internet and use the materials on the online platform.

There is no provision for the distribution of printed material, however, the trainer may decide to print out slides or distribute other supplementary material useful for carrying out the training. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary printing due to green policies.

Real-time training can also take place online

The organisational steps for setting up the classroom include the provision of technical equipment to enable video lectures and the participation of trainees.