Topic 1 Scenario 1

  • A is a 12 years old child. The mother of the child complaints to the police that she found communication via sms and other social media in the mobile of the child showing that the child is sexually abused by C, a 45 years old man. The mother lodges the complaint upon involvement of the aunt of the child, who saw some of the communications in the mobile of the child. During the criminal investigation C, the main suspect is arrested and put in pre trial detention. The mother is accused also as supporting C and is placed in pre trial detention as well. The child testifies in the Police Headquarters in the Division of Child Protection before a specialized police psychologist. In some instances, at the first days, the child comes in contact with her mother who was arrested and kept in the Police Headquarters, until she is transferred to the prison. The child testifies during the criminal investigation 10 times. The lawyer who represented the family on the initial stage, keeps representing the child (victim) and the mother (suspect). At the trial the child requests not to be examined again. The main defendant objects.
  • How should the child participate in the criminal proceedings and during the trial? Identify the child’s protection needs. Should the authorities provide for the representation of the child?