Topic 1 Scenario 1

Mr. G, a Ghanaian, applied for a position of engineer in computer services. His written exam impressed the employer because he answered the multi choice questions reaching the highest score and gave to the open questions creative and innovative answers. 

Consequently, Mr. G was invited to the oral interview. When the employer saw him and realized that he was black skin and he told Mr. G that the position was filled. In the place of Mr. G was hired a French employee with lower skills.

The co-employer Mr. Y (or the personnel selection staff) was (were) not happy for this decision but didn’t want to argue with the principal and therefore didn’t complain.

In your opinion, is this a case of direct or indirect discrimination?



It is a case of direct discrimination, because Mr. G was treated less favorably than another employee on the grounds of his nationality

  • What do you think Mr. G should have done, according to the legislation and jurisprudence on the specific action that you’ve learnt in the Modules 2 and 3?


  • Mr. G should complain with the employer reporting the endured discrimination and eventually address the situation to a lawyer or to a labour union.

  • Mr. G could also have search for a helpline in matter of discrimination in order to get a good advice.

What could you have done in your role as professionals if Mr G had asked you for help?

I would have investigated the case further with Mr. G and, once I had established that he had been discriminated against, I would have suggested that he contact the union for mediation or get a lawyer and take legal action