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Topic 2 Main activities

1 European Comparative Research and 6 National Reports (on Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta and the Netherlands) to identify the hurdles that are preventing the effective implementation of the EU  legal framework on combating intolerance, racism, xenophobia and discrimination in the different national contexts (including features of the domestic legislation that are likely to have an impact, positive or negative, on the implementation of the law).

You can download the eBook at this link https://www.laimomo.it/sociale_post/preservere-preventing-racism-and-discrimination/

An Online Toolkit to offer valid, credible and accessible learning sources and 6 series of Capacity Building Sessions in Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta and the Netherlands addressed to legal and frontline professionals aimed at training the targets to proactively identify instances of violations of the EU framework, to encourage practices of reporting and to assist in the better enforcement of the EU law.

A final White Paper offering key lessons learned from the project and recommendations that will strengthen already established coalitions across Europe that seek to fight racism, xenophobia, and discrimination against specific ethnic/racial groups.

A Final Conference to raise the awareness and sensitise the general public about how phenomena of discrimination regardless of their form (e.g. antigypsism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim hatred, Afrophobia and LGBTIQphobia) ran counter to EU and national laws and values.