Topic 1 Overall objective of the training toolkit

For professionals in the field of law and front-line workers:

  • Το be able to explain, interpret, apply and employ EU law principles, rules, practices, trends in the presence or the absence of harmonization between national and EU law regarding racism and protection of victims
  • To be capacitated to better protect their beneficiaries against gaps of legislation, practice or jurisprudence in different EU Member States

For stakeholders and relevant ecosystem:

  • To better advocate for a better implementation of relevant EU law and to be capacitated to run awareness campaigns
  • To build supportive coalitions in favour professionals in the field of law and front-line workers and to establish network with other stakeholders toward a better implementation of anti-racist and pro-victimized groups EU law.

For future trainers who will use the toolkit:

  • Το be able to present and explain the methodological and theoretical approach of PRESERVERE project
  • To master the PRESERVERE training toolkit so that they can implement workshops independently