Supporting professionals – forming sustainable coalitions: exploring work-related dilemmas

Case studies

  1. A woman works at a law firm under an annual contract. Her performance is assessed positively. She becomes pregnant and reports her pregnancy to her employer. Shortly afterwards, she is told that her contract will not be renewed. The employer cites the business interest in continuity as the reason.
  2. A boy with autism enrolls in the ICT and Media Management course. The training rejects the boy on the grounds that they cannot provide the guidance that someone with autism needs during the training.
  3. A coordinating employee of the blood collection department in a hospital wants to be able to cover her arms completely because of her faith. The hospital wants her to keep her forearms free for hygiene reasons.

Is this discrimination?

Participants are requested to bring a case to the workshop. During the session, the trainer will guide the discussion as follows:

  1. Discussing the moral dillemas within the sub-group
  2. Indicate from personal frame to a broader perspective (organisation & society)
  3. Action: come up with a clear direction of action (and related actions)
  4. Presentation of the outcome
  5. Reflect on the process